Makeup tips for Brown Eyes


Looking for some hot tips on enhancing the natural beauty of your brown eyes? Well you have come to the right place. The best thing about having brown eyes is that they look good with just about any color of eyeshadow from the light shades to the dark shades. You can always try to go for a fierce cat eye makeup look. Of course depending on the specific shade of your eyes some colors may look better than others. Following are some of the Pros special techniques that will compliment your eyes and make your look the one that stands out. Begin by deciding exactly what shade of brown your eyes are. Because brown eyes look good in just about any color determining your eye color will give you a better idea of what hues will compliment you more and which ones might flatten out the whole look. If you have lighter colored eyes you may find that yellows will accent the golden flecks of your eyes. For eyes medium to dark, green is especially flattering but almost any color will do. Read the following section for more pointers on choosing a color for you.

By the way here’s a great video to teach you the cat eye with darker eyes!

Choosing the Colors for You

The color you choose will function in a different way; the rule of thumb is that lighter colors will enhance the size of your eyes and while lighter hues will maximize the contours and minimize the eyes. For dark brown eyes, dark to medium colors will work well. Plums, rich grays and greens are all superb choices. Be sure to examine your eyes well for the lighter flecks which can help you make a better color choice for your eyeliner. For medium brown eyes; there are some gold and bronzes that would do marvelous work, also toy around with violet and green you will be wise to try a few and see what works the best. Dont be afraid to get creative with combinations as well; medium brown eyes go good with just about anything, so maximize your effects with attractive combinations. For light brown eyes, be sure to examine you irises well and determine the exact hues of the lighter flecks therein. Choosing highlighters that accent these tones will splash twinkles in your eyes that could fill a room. Final Point: Remember that the overall effect can be enhanced or detracted from by the makeup worn and the cheeks lips. Use more neutral tones here to make the eyes stand out, lighter tones like pinks and taupes are so Hot right now.